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If after opening the product, it has a fault, you just have to contact contact with us, to coordinate the return of the product and thus we will inspect  the reason for the failure. In any area where you are, you must cover the amount del sending the article. 

The guarantees apply in the first 60 calendar days of purchasing the product  for factory defects and not for handling. If it is a factory defect and not manipulation, the correction will be applied, or the product change will be made if necessary. 

resolution time

It should be noted that each brand or supplier offers different warranty terms, conditions and procedures for their products. It is important to note that the review at the service center could take from 15 to 22 business days, not counting weekends and holidays.

Do you have less than 48 hours of receiving your product?

Good news, you can apply an Expedited Guarantee.


The Expedited Guarantee is a benefit that METRIC offers to its customers in general during the first 2 days  natural after delivery of the order, in order to ensure that the customer will always receive the purchased product in good condition. operating conditions, so if in a period of 2 calendar days the product purchased by the customer presents operating problems, METRIC will proceed with the immediate change of the product in case of verifying the failure.

How is the proccess?

  1. get incontactwith us

  2. The representative   who will handle your warranty case will request:

    • Order number or email in order to identify your order

    • A description of the failure

    • Evidence of failure (usually a video or photos)

  3. The representative coordinates the withdrawal of the product, please deliver the product with all its accessories and attach a note either printed or handwritten with the following information:

    • Full name

    • Guarantee of the order XXXXXX (Replace the X by the order number)

  4. We give you a resolution

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