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  • Tanita RD545 impedance
  • HIGH PRECISION: Two-frequency reactance BIA technology, as used in medicine, ensures the highest possible accuracy in body composition. The weight is determined with a division of 50 grams.


  • - OVER 11 BODY VALUES: Including metabolic age, body water, basal metabolic rate, bone mineral percentage, weight, BMI, muscle mass and quality, body fat and visceral fat.


  • - SEGMENT ANALYSIS: Fat mass, muscle mass and muscle quality are analyzed separately for each arm, leg and trunk and thus provide insight into imbalances


  • -BLUETOOTH CONNECTION: Track your progress and set goals with the free My Tanita app for Android and Iphone. This is also compatible with Google Health and Apple Health. Requirement: Android 5.0 or higher / iOS 9.0 or higher


  •  EASY TO USE MULTIPLE USERS: Up to 4 users can analyze themselves and track their progress thanks to automatic user identification

Tanita RD545

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