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Localized Gymnastics Courses

Ms Project 2016, has tools specialized in programming, controlling and monitoring work in each element of the project, which will help everyone...

Created by:

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Marcos Guerrero Carlos Alberto


20 hours


58 sessions

1645 students

Updated 3/2021

Description of the course

Ms Project 2016, has specialized tools to carry out the programming, control and monitoring of work in each element of the project, which will help everyone who works in the area of project management, in an optimal way and achieving all the objectives set. for the project.


Create and assign resources.

Introduce and sequence activities.

Create and save new projects.

Analyze cases of work extensions.

Analyze cases of greater metrados.

Programming with GANTT and CPM.

Carry out work rescheduling.

Who is the course for

Students, Bachelors, civil engineers, building engineers, public works engineers, industrial engineers, road, canal and port engineers, senior building technicians and architects.


Basic knowledge of Excel

Ms Project Software 2016 or 2013

Metric Benefits

100% virtual methodology.

Answer to your questions by the teacher through direct contact through the virtual classroom chat.

Lifetime access to the platform, 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Teaching staff of the best universities in Peru

Discount coupons for upcoming courses.​

Articles, writings, audiovisual material and other resources provided by the teacher.

Free digital certificate.

Access to the private Telegram group 

Frequent questions

Do I have unlimited access to classes?

Yeah! After you make the purchase you will be able to access the classes whenever and wherever you want. The course stays in your vcecursos account forever. :)

When does the course start?

All content is 100% online, with pre-recorded classes that you will have access to after purchasing the course. You can start and develop it at your own pace!

How do I get the course certificate?

After you finish the course, you must develop the project. The course teacher and the vcecursos team will review it and if everything goes well, the certification will be issued to you so that you can download it. The physical certificate will be delivered after prior coordination.

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